Lara Dane and her amazing mom Susan (Sue) Stewart are the co-owners of The Daisy Chain. The shop’s name is inspired by Lara’s great grandmother Daisy Frances Huffington ( 1889-1954 ) and her grandmother Daisy Alice Huffington (  1923-2002 ).    The name is now carried on by Lara's cousin Daisy McMillen, daughter of Lara's awesome 1st cousin Jeff  McMillen (formerly the leader of the filthy fartn'5,   circa California 84'.)

It was a dream come true for Lara to open her own shop.   And after experiencing  a great loss in her life unexpectedly,  Sue moved to Festus from Wentzville  and this new journey is not only healing, but filling a life full of new passion and purpose. 

Lara and her mother pride themselves on collectively over 35 years of retail experience as well as excellent customer service skills.   A sense of humor is a top priority to them, and Lara and Sue share the same exact vision—to create a store that carries all of the things that make you say,

“Omigosh, I looove that!”


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